Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trip Spiderman Spud

My daughter and I went on a road trip this Memorial Day Weekend. We went to Seven Springs Mountain Resort with my sister and her husband. Although this is a ski resort, it offers a lot to summertime guests. There is a fantastic indoor pool, arcades, bowling, crafts, paddleboats, hiking, biking and an Alpine Slide. We had several good runs on the Alpine Slide. The Slide is 325 feet long and includes and S-turn and a small drop. My daughter zooms down the mountain. It takes 12 minutes to ride to the top and less than 2 minutes to slide to the bottom. She told me that when she sees the signs that warn the riders to slow down… she accelerates. I asked her to slow down a little because we saw one rider tumble off the concrete track while going around a curve.

What is a road trip without a theme song? It just so happened that my sister had the Spiderman theme song from the 1967 animated series in her car. When I was little Spiderman was my favorite superhero. My Dad took me to the local department store to see Spiderman when I was five. This was a big deal in 1972. Somehow, during the course of our four-hour drive, my daughter found the song and proceeded to play it at least 30 times. I think we know ALL the lyrics to the Spiderman theme song.

On Monday, we arrived home just in time for a picnic at my parent’s house. She must have been cooking for two days because there was so much food. After we ate, we had time for three rounds of Spud. Our house rules include a dare for the first one to get SPUD. Unfortunately, I lost the third round and had to perform a dare. I had to sing, “I’m a Little Teapot” with accompanying gestures and loud enough for the neighborhood to hear.

Overall, a great (knee brace-free) weekend!

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Hack Shaft said...

So I guess the idea of "bracing yourself" for the weekend didn't apply, eh?

Welcome to another degree of freedom!