Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Going Camping

I just received notification that I am an official Girl Scout. In order to go camping this weekend with my daughter, I had to become a Girl Scout. I had several registration forms to fill out, a criminal background check and reference checks. When I was in elementary school, my Girl Scout experience lasted one day. They made me wear a doily on my head during a skit and at that moment, I knew it was not for me. I went to one meeting and never went back.

So, thirty years later, I am heading to my first Girl Scout camp. I have no idea what to expect from this experience. Out of my entire family, I am the least outdoorsy. I am the middle child so maybe the camping gene skipped me. My brother (Eagle Scout, Scout Master Etc.) spends his vacation deep in the Montana woods fly-fishing. My sister spends hers hiking the Grand Canyon rim to rim. My father used to take us camping when we were little. We would spend weekend afternoons at the local state park, nature conservatory or walking part of the Appalachian Trail.

I hope my second experience at being a Girl Scout is better than my first one!

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Nonblond said...

That should be fun! I thought about being a Girl Scout when I was young, but I couldn't commit. I enjoyed spending my free time riding my bike with my friends too much.