Saturday, February 21, 2009

Da Saam Sing

It must be tournament season because the dojo is getting tournament invitations in the mail every day. Tomorrow, there is a local tournament and the proceeds help support St. Judes Children's Hospital. Several students from the dojo want to attend.

The divisional breakdowns include weapons, forms, fighting and Da Saam Sing. I have never seen a Da Saam Sing competition.

Here is a video explaining Da Saam Sing and a demonstration.


child in bloom said...

that is so odd.
but cool.

would you do that?

Michele said...

Not sure.

elizasmom said...

Hi Michele — here via the comment you made on my recent post — this is very interesting to see. In the style I study, we train these exact same points through partner practice. I'm not finding examples online, but we do the strikes in pretty much the same order except we strike the opponent forearm to forearm (left to left, then right to right). Do other style do that? It seems to me that Da Saam Sing trains the same areas, but I'm wondering if there's benefits and drawbacks to working with vs without partners. Very interesting to see, and yet another example, for me, of ways in which so many martial arts styles intersect and digress from each other. I could geek out on that topic all day!

Michele said...

elizasmom: Thanks for stopping by my blog. We practice some partner conditioning exercises in the dojo. I had never heard of Da Saam Sing before the recent tournament. I found it interesting also.

I try to keep an open mind regarding all aspects of the martial arts. There is so much information available and much to learn. I recently started Tai Chi in addition to Okinawa Kenpo. It is the analysis of the similarities and differences that make me grow as a martial artist.