Monday, February 2, 2009

Bread, Milk and Tai Chi

I look forward to Tai Chi class on Tuesday. There has been snow, sleet or freezing rain on the past three Tuesdays. This week is no different. In Pennsylvania, the words “winter weather warning” creates dread in some communities. My Aunt lives in the coal regions and entire towns sit on the side of a mountain. The roads are treacherous in the snow and impossible when there is ice.

In my area, the anticipation of a winter storm is often worse than the actual storm. We often get less snow or ice than is forecasted. When a “winter weather warning” posts, people swarm to the grocery store and stock up on bread and milk. It has become a ritual regardless if they have two loaves of bread and a gallon of milk in their kitchen. If you wait too late in the day, the shelves are bare.

I am crossing my fingers that I am able to get to Tai Chi tomorrow. We are starting to work on the second section of the Tai Chi form. It is exciting to see new techniques!

Does your state have the bread/milk phenomenon?


Scott Zrubek said...

The only time Houston sees that sort of phenomenon is when a hurricane approaches in the Gulf.

Snow comes and goes in the same day if it comes at all.

Pete said...

Not sure what area of PA you are in, but here in SE PA, most storms end up being much less fierce than predicted. Of course, we tend to get a lot of "mixed" precipitation, so sometimes things do get disproportionately nasty.

Michele said...

Scott: Thanks for visiting my blog. I bet there is a list of necessary supplies needed during a hurricane warning. I don't think I will ever understand the mad scramble for bread and milk.

Pete: SE too. This storm might miss SE PA this time. We do have crazy weather. There have been times it was solid ice where I live but eight miles south it was rain. You never know.

Anonymous said...

My gym always stays open no matter what the weather is. They have all the necessary equipment to remove snow and ice for the hearty ones that need to get to the gym every day. I live in your area and have found that "winter weather warnings" have closed schools, gyms, and even put Penn Dot on the roads long before the first snow flake or drop of ice. What would people think in areas that really get winter weather? Do you think they run out for milk and bread?

Pete said...

Hey, whaddya know, we did get some snow. It was a bit slippery coming home from the dojang tonight.

I actually grew up in the snowbelt in Western NY, and when I moved to this area, the furor over a couple inches of snow always seemed overblown. Then I realized 1) people didn't know how to drive in the snow here, and 2) Penn Dot doesn't clear the roads nearly as well as they do where I grew up.

Hack Shaft said...

Like Pete, where I live they rarely close schools and roads since we have a very well-developed system to respond to winter storms.

By the time they close metropolitan schools in my area, there's so much snow you can barely make it out of your driveway!

Michele said...

Anonymous: I agree with you. I bet people who "really get winter weather" are prepared. I bet they would laugh at the bread/milk frenzy.

Pete: Just a little snow. It was icy on the back roads on the way home from Tai Chi.

Hack Shaft: A system to deal with the snow is key. Around here school closings due to weather are common. The problem is that we get a lot of ice and freezing rain.