Sunday, February 22, 2009

Square Not Round

We are fast approaching Lent. On Tuesday, we will celebrate Fasnacht Day. They are donuts served with molasses, butter, powdered sugar or plain. This tradition is celebrated in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

During the past week, I have not been to the gym, karate or racquetball. I did not make Tai Chi class either. My time has been spent taking care of a sick daughter and helping her catch up on two days of school work. I haven't been feeling so good this week either. The lack of physical activity has caused my right knee to ache.

I was reading Rick Matz's Cook Ding's Kitchen and he issued a Lenten Challenge. The challenge reads:

"The challenge is this: from Ash Wednesday (Feb 25) until Easter (April 11 or April 19th for the Eastern Orthodox Church), train every day, without fail, no excuses. Simple enough said.

It doesn't have to be martial arts training either. Whatever it is that you need to really rededicate yourself to: studying, practicing an instrument, walking, watching what you eat; anything - do it every day, without fail."

I am going to give this challenge a try. Enjoy your Fasnacht on Tuesday and be ready to train Wednesday.

And remember...a wise Pennsylvania German once told me "Real Fasnacht's are square not round".

How do you celebrate Shrove Tuesday?


Steve said...

Well, in all my years as a German (from Ohio, though my ancestors came to Pittsburgh) and a Christian, I've never heard of such a thing. I have to put some thought into this one!

Michele said...


Every local bakery sells fasnachts today. Some make you pre-order because they sell out so fast. They are even selling fasnachts at my daughter's school today.

It must be very regional.

Littlefair said...

We always gave up chocolate for Lent as kids. Now that I'm a dad and have two bilingual children we celebrate Fat Tuesday (or mardi gras!) in the usual manner of pancakes with lemon and sugar although the kids have been hijacking this recently with Nutella!

Although I am not a Christian I find a time for fasting or a period of devotion to particular subjects very worthwhile. Especially so in today's hectic life of: getting up, kids to school, cleaning, working, making food, bathing kids, putting kids to bed.... It's easy to slouch on the sofa at the end of it all and zombie out.

I'm all for continued learning and training!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sue C said...


I have to admit Shrove Tuesday is a bit of a non-event in our house.But if the boy's remind me about it we do make pancakes!

I just wanted to thank you for becoming my first follower. Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but I'm busy doing a Blogging course - so expect to see some improvements to my blog site soon (and some posts).

Michele said...

Littlefair: Pancakes sound good!
At times, I find it challenging to balance family, employment and training. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sue: No problem. I am glad I found your blog and look forward to your future updates.

child in bloom said...

i, sadfully, did not eat a fasnacht today. i did have one the other week though...nana would be upset. :/

sometimes school has disadvantages.

hope you and e feel better!