Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fitness Challege 2009

On February 17th, Rick the author of Cook Ding's Kitchen issued a Lenten Challenge. The challenge was to train every day during Lent...without excuses. So, how did I do?

I did great the first three weeks of the challenge. I started a workout log and entered my data after each session. daughter got a nasty cold. Subsequently, I got sick. The middle weeks of the Lenten Challenge went down the drain. The last two weeks, I got back on track.

My daughter's school participates in the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. She asked me to look up the requirements for the half mile. To my surprise, there was an adult section of the website. May 1st begins the 2009 "National President's Challenge: Be Active Your Way In May!" . All you need to do is register and log your activity.

The challenge is to be active five days a week for six of the eight weeks between May 1 and July 24. They allow two weeks for vacations and scheduling conflicts.

I have signed up. May has been observed as the National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

Anyone want to join me?


Rick Matz said...

I'm in!

Meg said...

I signed up too.

Michele said...

Sounds good!

Cheri said...

Thanks for telling us about this. I've signed up, too. For anyone who wants to see how I'm doing (and help keep me on track and honest ;) ), I'll be posting progress updates on my own blog at:

Martial Artess

Michele said...

Cheri: Thank you for stopping by. I will check your site for updates. I will try to update my progress here too.

Personally, I think the log will tell me an interesting tale. I will be able to see if there are patterns to my workouts (or rather the lack of workouts). This week my daughter is in a play so it has been tough to get the workouts in.