Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Black Belt Students - Keep Moving Forward

A group meets in the dojo to train every Monday night. We practice the Dan rank requirements, explore application, discuss concepts, review videos or pose questions. There is no curriculum or class instructor.

This past Monday, we decided to challenge ourselves one step further. Each Monday we are going to come up with an assignment for the week. Assignments could include bunkai, reading an article, creating a drill, researching a concept, learning about history and culture, preparing a lesson...or whatever else crosses our minds!

Simply put...we are a group of black belt students keeping our training moving forward.


Felicia said...

Applause, applause, Michele! Nice to see your group is not content to rest on its collective laurels regarding training. I admire your dedication to keep moving forward.

I meet with my dojo brother at least once a week outside of class to go over kata, bunkai, drills, kihon, etc. Today's kata session was going strong until we got kicked out by the yoga ladies who needed to use the space (it is the dance studio of a local college; it serves as our dojo when the college is in session, but becomes multi-purpose when school is on semester break). When we don't meet, it feels like something important is missing from my training routine.

Keep on keepin' on :-)

SueC said...

I think that is a fantastic idea to keep black belts interested, motivated and purposeful - keep it up.

Geeklet said...

Hrm...maybe you and Mr. A should find a book I should read, and assign it to me to finish before coming back from college? :D

That would be fun!

Michele said...

Thanks Felicia and Sue!

Geeklet: That sounds like an excellent idea! :)