Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Blog in Review

I wanted to briefly list the highlights of Just A Thought for 2009. I do not often look at the Analytics of this blog so I was surprised by some of the details such as top search inquiries and most popular pages. Somehow this ACL and Martial Arts site has "In The Kitchen With Bob" making the list of Top Search Inquiries and Top Pages.

Top Search Inquiries

Shimi Igiri Bo Ichi Video
In the Kitchen With Bob
Please Stop Laughing At Me
Functional Braces
ACL Recovery Blog
ACL Surgery Blog

Top Pages

What Is That Sound?
ACL - 17 Months
Review - Please Stop Laughing At Me
In The Kitchen With Bob
ACL - 2 Years Later
10 Things Not To Ask A Traditional Martial Arts Instructor
Functional Brace
Fear of Injury A Response

It is interesting how many people searched for knee noises and reached my blog. The list includes: crunching, knee noise, cracking, noisy kneecap, clutching knee, clicking, creaking, crackle, squelching noise, terrible noise, bad noise, snapping, sounds like paper, tearing noise, rice crispy sounds and quinching sound.

The following were the top 8 referring blogs to this site. Thank you for including me in your blogroll.

Mokuren Dojo
My Journey To Black Belt - Sue C
Martial Views
Middle Aged Martial Artist
Martial Arts and Modern Life
Traditional TKD
Martial Arts Mom
My Self-Defense Blog

Thank you to all the 2009 readers and followers!


SueC said...

It's always a pleasure to read your blog Michele. People search on some very strange criteria - the most searched on term for my blog is 'karate feet'!

Michele said...

Thanks Sue!