Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How Do You Hold Your Car Keys?








Comments made on the post 10 Self-Defense Prevention/Awareness Mistakes left me wondering how I should hold my car keys. It is important to have your keys ready. The main reason is for quick, easy access to your vehicle.

Can keys be used to jab or scrape an attacker? Would there be a high risk of losing the keys? I asked a few people (who graciously allowed me to photograph their hands) to demonstrate how they hold their keys. All sets of keys rings vary in number of keys, key rings and fobs. In the above examples, each person is holding the same set of keys.

Which photo closely matches the way you hold your keys? Why do you hold them in this manner?

7 comments: said...

When one thinks about it, the keys can be a really great but dangerous weapon. I know of some people who actually have kobutans on there keys, just in case.

SueC said...

Hi Michele, those photos are really interesting but don't you guys use 'plippers' to open your cars these days? My key ring contains the plipper and the ignition key. I tend to hold the key in the palm of my hand and hold the plipper between my thumb and forfinger (with my thumb on the unlock button) ready to open the car as I walk towards it. I can't use the key as a weapon this way but I'd rather be able to get into the car quickly and lock myself in. I would hate to be fiddling with a key to open the door!

I think these self-defence tips you've been posting recently are really good - it's making us all think about how we behave when we are out - keep 'em coming :-)

Shang Lee said...

Hi Michele, i now have a keyless entry to my car. not sure if that's a good thing or not. but no more fumbling around for keys just before entering the car. it's quite a liberation.

Michele said...

Thank you for your comments.

Sadly, my key fob with keyless entry no longer works. I think the panic button on the fob is a useful deterrent.

In a discussion about keyless entry, someone commented that the keyless entry or remote start will identify which car you are walking towards. Another person keeps their key fob in their pocket and does not bring their keys out until they are in the car.

Interesting to think about...

I am still re-evaluating my key ring and the best way to hold my keys. :)

Thanks again!

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