Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Tai Chi...Why Now?

I was getting ready to go to Tai Chi class. My husband asked me "Why Tai Chi? Why now? Does Tai Chi have something that Okinawa Kenpo doesn't?"

His question stopped me in my tracks. Why am I practicing Tai Chi? I have been training in traditional Okinawa Kenpo since 1993. The style is comprehensive and includes kata, kobudo, sparring and self-defense. Our rank certificates state "there is a wealth of knowledge in the art of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo". It is true...there is so much. I am happy with my training, the dojo, the students and my training partners. I am lucky to have two amazing instructors and to be a member of a Federation. I plan to continue training, learning and teaching Okinawa Kenpo. Learning Tai Chi has not changed my goals in Okinawa Kenpo.

So...Why tai chi...why now? Reasons for doing or not doing something change over time. Here is my current list of 'why':

1. I like going to class and practicing.
2. I have a good instructor.
3. I like the other students.
4. Tai Chi practice has strengthened my knee.
5. Tai Chi is challenging.
6. Tai Chi makes me think about martial arts in a different way.
7. Tai Chi pushes me out of my comfort zone.
8. I think it makes me a better instructor of Okinawa Kenpo because it reminds me what it is like to be a new/beginner student.

My husband said "O.K." as I walked out the door.

Photo Credit: My sister sent me this photo she took on her recent vacation. There is a bison in the foreground covered in snow. I liked the picture and she gave me permission to share it.


Rick Matz said...

We should all be challenging ourselves, asking why we're doing what we're doing, so we're not just doing it out of a blind habit.

John W. Zimmer said...

When we go beyond our comfort zones, we have the chance to learn more. I like the idea of being a perpetual student. The latest thing I am doing is learning BJJ. It is challenging but I don't think it will really help my fighting. I don't intend to go to the ground in a real fight - never have. But BJJ is fun! :)

Sue C said...

I think all your reasons for doing tai chi are excellent and valid. I agree with John, getting out the comfort zone occassionally is a good thing - perhaps you should take your husband along with you:-)

Michele said...

Hi Rick...I agree. Every so often I evaluate the "Why?".

Hi John, BJJ...nice.
My husband remarks says the same thing about street fighting and the ground...not happening.

Hi Sue, I wish my husband would go to class with me. I need a push hands partner!

Zen said...

Excellent! I started Kyudo to help me be a better Kung Fu, Tai Chi Instructor. Another art can deepen you understanding of your first and broaden you view.