Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tip: January Is Radon Action Month

January is the National Radon Action Month. Radon is a cancer causing radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Click here to see a map of Radon zones.

I live in a high radon zone. Ten years ago, when my daughter was born, the hospital sent us home with a voucher for a free radon test. We tested our home and had a borderline reading. It is time for another test. We sent away for a radon kit and will be testing our home again.

How do you test for Radon? The quickest test for radon is the short-term test. "Charcoal canisters" are most commonly used for short-term testing. Check out the EPA's site A Citizens Guide to Radon for information.

If you live in PA, you can send away for a free radon kit from the American Lung Association.

Tuesday Tip: January is Radon Action month.


Kim said...

Thanks for tip! I will check it out.

Michele said...

Your welcome!

Sue C said...

Radon is quite a problem here in the UK as well. All new-build homes and extensions to houses have to have a radon barrier put into the foundations. You've reminded me we ought to get our house tested - thanks

Michele said...

I did not know that radon was a problem in the UK. I think it is great that a radon barrier is required.

My house is old (1790)and has a dirt basement...not the best combination regarding radon.