Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking Forward - Looking Back

From Wikipedia:

In Roman Mythology, Janus was the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings and endings. His most prominent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January, which begins the new year.

Looking Back

It has been two years since this blog was created. It began with posts discussing ACL Reconstruction and Recovery. My goal was to return to martial arts and I shared my ACL recovery process. As my knee became stronger, my blog posts shifted to martial arts, tai chi, bullies and parenting.

This blog has given me the opportunity to connect with fellow martial artists for which I am grateful. Please check out the excellent blogs listed under Martial Arts Links. A big "Thank You" to all the readers and to the people who left comments on this blog.

Looking Forward

My employment situation is changing slightly during the next few months. The busy time is now over and we are preparing for Halloween and Christmas 2010. There is talk that we will be starting a four day work week. This will be new for me but I think I can get used to it! :)

I will continue my martial arts training in Okinawa Kenpo and Tai Chi. The year 2010 will mark my 18th year in Okinawa Kenpo and my 2nd year practicing Tai Chi. In June, the dojo will reach its 15th Year Anniversary.

As for this blog, I want to continue writing and connecting with martial artists. I have learned much from reading your articles. Your writings have been inspiring...thank you.

Happy New Year!


Felicia said...

Happy 2010, Michele :-)

Michele said...

Thanks Felicia!

Same to you...

SueC said...

Happy new year and please keep up the blogging, I find your posts inspiring and informative. Thank you

Michele said...


Thank you for your kind words. Happy New Year.


Meg said...

Happy New Year, Michele!
I'm glad to have found you via the blogs and truly enjoy reading yours. I may not comment often, but you give me much to think about.

Michele said...

Thank you...

Happy New Year, Meg!